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STAY HOPE FULL is a positive shift of perspective that reminds me of my strength and resilience which has led me on a path of wellness. I started sharing it with others and saw how transformative it has been for them as well.

Wellness is a priority for me everyday and I believe it begins in my mind with my thoughts about myself, and my experiences. I want to share this awareness that mental health can start as small as reading your favorite mug that uplifts your spirit. I want to provide a safe space for people to know their mental health is ever evolving and it's okay to remind yourself that progress takes time. YOU ARE WORTHY of carving out space in your day to focus on keeping your mental state healthy, just as you do with the food you eat and the activities you choose. Mental health can be a fore-thought, it can be an intention you set and practice daily. Maintaining this is difficult, but I know through experience that if you make it a priority you can help alleviate some of your unnecessary stress and empower better health practices. Stay hope full for brighter days ahead. 

With Love, 

Jess Tindal

Owner, Creator and CEO

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